So, I hope everyone is having a great 4/20. As bluntman, now our sites most active user would say, smoke blunts all day. Both 4:20 am and pm are past and the day is winding down, but don’t be discouraged there is still plenty of time to smoke as much pot as you possibly can.

We just started busting “The First Myth”. If you haven’t voted in our poll regarding “The First Myth” yet make sure to do so. The video will be up soon, we just need to do some editing. While the results are interesting, I don’t think anyone wants to watch an hour of us taking cognitive psychological tests. So, we’re going to edit the video into something a little more professional. Once the video is ready we will have it up here along with our results and methodology.

Until then, let’s talk a little bit about the feedback we’ve gotten so far on the first poll. We asked, “When smoking marijuana, does holding in a hit make your more high?”. If you view the results for yourself you can see that as it stands now 82% of respondents believe that holding in a hit makes you more high. What we’re starting to wonder as we’ve been researching this is that beyond holding in a hit longer, what is the ideal length of time to hold in a hit?  After we figure out whether holding one in makes you more high, or not, we are going to investigate what the optimal amount of time to hold in a hit is. So, if you think you know, vote in our newest poll. If you want to give a more specific answer than we have avilable, just comment on this post with whichever amount of time you think is optimal.

HAPPY 420!!! Keep the blunts burning and the bongs bubbling!!!