We’ve been getting some questions in regarding growing marijuana, and we’re working with our design team on building a new page to start accommodating our reader’s interest in this subject. Also, to our loyal fans; sorry business was slow this weekend. We were up in New Hampshire on a company retreat and were without internet access or electricity. I still can’t believe it snowed, and its almost June. But, we had plenty of weed, bacon, and bloody marys to hold us over. So, now that we’re back to the grind, let me start talking about what you really want to hear.

Once you have made the decision that you want to grow some marijuana for your own personal consumption, of course, the next thing to consider would be where to grow. Growing inside allows you to be close to your babies where you can love and care for them whenever they need your attention. But, if the police come knocking on your door you would have a hard time arguing that you were just holding on to them for a friend or something along those lines. And, the major disadvantage of growing inside being that there is only so much inside to go around. If you choose to grow outside the world is your oyster, you can grow in your backyard, your neighbors backyard, your grandmas backyard, a local park, the forest down the street from your house, the flower bed outside of the police station, Boston Common, the 50 yard line of your high school football field, and anywhere else where there is dirt. However, the disadvantages are that you have little control over your plants. If the frost comes early in the fall, they die. If it doesn’t rain enough, they die. If a deer eats them, you get the idea. If they don’t get enough sun, they won’t die but they won’t grow much. So, you really have alot to consider. Maybe putting all of this in a list format will make it easier, I don’t know if its just because I know I’m high but I feel like I’m rambling.

Hydroponics to the max

Indoor Advantages:

  • You have full control over your plants. The light. The water. The nutrients.
  • You don’t have to worry about someone else finding them and taking them or killing them.

Indoor Disadvantages:

  • You have a limited amount of space.
  • Lights in particular are expensive and use a ton of electricity.

Outdoor Advantages:

  • More space than “Johnny Appleweed” (check it on hulu.com) could plant with marijuana.
  • Sun is free. Rain is free. And, you can find somewhere that land is free (i.e. state parks wink,wink)

Outdoor Disadvantages:

  • People are nosy and are likely to find your plants.
  • It isn’t always sunny and it doesn’t always rain so you will have to take care of your plants at least a little bit.

After all is said and done what we recommend several options. If you are planning on growing because you found seeds in a bag you bought, don’t waste your money on growing inside. Start them inside in an egg carton with dirt in each little hole. When they sprout give them a week and move them to solo cups full of dirt. After a month they should be ready to go outside. You can grow them under any old light up to this point. If you have alot of seeds, don’t waste your time with this method. Just go outside and plant them like you would anything else, under about an inch of dirt with some water once you’re done. The truth is even if the weed you got was really good, the weed that comes from its seeds might not be. Growing like this is good for people who can’t grow inside, however our recommendation is to do exactly that. Save your time and your money and just wait on it. When you can grow inside, do the following things. Buy good seeds online or clones from someone who grows. Buy a good light from a hydroponics store or gardening store. Buy a fan for that light. Make sure you can dedicate a whole room or whole closet to growing your pot. Growing inside in a controlled environment will give you much higher quality results than you are likely to achieve outside, especially as a first time or novice grower. The benefit of growing outside is that you have more space, and if you need more space then a closet, a room, or even your whole house; something tells me you aren’t asking us if you should be growing inside or out.

If you have any questions regarding growing, keep them coming, we’ll be happy to help. Stay high.