Clone Weed

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Now, what is cloning? For those of you who have never heard of the term it is actually a fairly common practice in all horticultural fields. Essentially it means to take a cutting from an existing plant and to force that cutting to grow roots. The good thing is that for every plant you have, you get many more than just one cutting. The downside is you will have to continue to keep the clones in a vegetative life cycle to get them to a large enough size where it would be beneficial to start flowering the plants, and making them grow buds. If you are on a short time schedule you shouldn’t make clones because it will delay the process. But, if you plan on growing for more than just one harvest, we definitely recommend making clones. In that case it saves you time. Instead of having to start from seeds on your second grow you will have a whole batch of clones to start with. You can take clones from several different plants and after you figure out which one you like the best once the first batch is done flowering you only have to grow the clones from the best plant for your second harvest.

In terms of the process of actually making clones. Its pretty much as simple as cutting off a branch from any marijuana plant. You want to get at least two nodes in each clone to insure that the clone will be strong enough. Two nodes means two sets of leaves, in case you were wondering. Make sure the cut you make is made¬†diagonally on the branch and that immediately afterwards you place the cutting in specially formulated rooting gel or into water. Once you do this put the cutting in a rockwool cube or in a pot of dirt. You don’t want oxygen to get into the plants veins, its lethal just like it is for a person, so this is why you want to get it planted as soon as possible. Another option is to put the cutting immediately in water and then put it in ¬†a bubble bucket which is a type of hydroponic setup.

Relating back to the questions one of you asked, clones won’t directly increase your yield. If you grow four plants and take four clones from each plant before you start flowering them, then you can take the four clones form the highest yielding plant and grow them into four plants. This would likely increase your total yield since the clones will carry the genetic traits of that high yielding mother plant. If you only plan on growing for one harvest, just buy seeds and grow them into plants, don’t bother making clones. Its a good idea to take clones the first time you grow, even if they die you get the experience. If you have any other questions about making clones, comment on this post.

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*Quick Tip: Make sure you mark each clone so you know which mother plant it came from. This way it will be easy to select the clones you want to use later. Seems simple enough, but if you don’t mark your clones you’ll have to guess…which could mean the difference between buds and duds.