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Your mind is about to be blown. So, this has nothing to do with Doomsday or the world ending, even though there has been a lot of talk going on about that lately. Speaking of which, apparently the world is supposed to end the day I graduate from college. I just want to know who picked May 21st? And, whatever happened to the Mayans and 2012? What’s the deal?

We’ve been doing our own research in to Doomsday, and here’s what we discovered. Although completely unrelated to our usual field of study, we thought we would share this with you all. So our calendar repeats itself in 400 year cycles, their are patterns between different days, and to make a long story short… The following dates will all occur on the same day in any given year. 4/4 (April 4th), 6/6 (June 6th), 8/8 (August 8th), 10/10 (October 10th), and 12/12 (December 12th). This year, they are all Mondays. There are other days that fit this pattern including 7/11 (July 11th) and 11/7 (November 7th), as well as 5/9 (May 9th) and 9/5 (September 5th). Other days include March 7th and the last day of February. All of these dates are referred to as Doomsdays, and whatever day they fall on in a given year is that year’s Doomsday. So, we know for a fact that Doomsday is Monday. This method was developed as an easy way to figure out what day of the week a given date was in a given year. If you ask the inventor, John Conway, what day of the week your birthday was in 1637, or whatever, he can figure it out in under 2 seconds. Kind of Rain Man-esque, if you ask me.

So, realizing that you are all too high to figure this out, seeing as I barely did. Thank you for reading this far. In regards to Doomsday falling on May 21st, you all better be smoking as much pot as you can between now and then in the case that it actually does. You never can be too safe you know. And, to everyone else who has already graduated or who is graduating soon, Congratulations Class of 2011. You should also be smoking as much weed as you possibly can before you graduate. Remember, smoke weed everyday.