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Purple Marijuana Stems

Essentially, plants need light, water, and nutrients to grow. In a growing set up where you use soil, the majority of the nutrients can be absorbed by the plants root system from the soil. In hydroponics, it is necessary to add any nutrients to the water. A deficiency of any nutrient can arise in a soil grow, however it is more likely that a deficiency will occur in a hydroponic setup.

Different deficiencies manifest themselves in different ways, and if you notice that the stalk or stem, whatever you might refer to it, of your plant is turning purple it is likely that you are experiencing a phosphorus deficiency. This problem can be corrected by feeding your plant a fertilizer which is high in phosphorus. Water down the fertilizer and flush the soil or growing medium with the nutrient rich solution. If you are using a hydroponic setup then just add the phosphorus laden fertilizer the next time you fill the resevoir.

Hope this helped.