Don't you wish Betsy Ross made this the first American flag?

Well, I know we’re a day late. I’ll blame it on being high, but yesterday was Flag Day in the United States. It is believed by many historians that the first American flag was made from hemp. It is undoubtedly one of the most versatile materials known to man and was widely used during the colonial period. In fact, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson both grew hemp, so did Henry Ford, heck even us at MJMB have even dabbled in the world of cannabis cultivation. Everyone does it, or should try to at the least. But, moving on to the next point we’d like to make. As many of you may know, Betsy Ross was commissioned by three members of the Continental Congress to make the first ever American flag. George Washington showed her a design that included 13 six pointed stars. Betsy Ross showed Mr. Washington how to cut a five pointed star with one snip of the scissors from a rectangular piece of cloth. Because of this amazing ability, Betsy was chosen to be the creator of our nation’s first flag. God bless America, and we know he does because he gave us weed.