When traveling to Hawaii it is with out a doubt, necessary to stop on the island of O’ahu. The state capitol of Honolulu is located here as is Pearl Harbor, Diamond Head volcano, and Waikiki Beach. Our opinion of O’ahu was that it was similar to Los Angeles. There’s partying to be done at any hour of the day, it’s a big city, every designer and retailer in the world has a store there, and surprisingly there is a huge homeless population. If you are there for only a day, go see Pearl Harbor, it is an important part of American and world history. Unfortunately, at Pearl Harbor there are not many 420 friendly activities to engage in.

Diamond Head Volcano... Sorry, no diamonds.

So, we recommend staying on O’ahu a least 2 days, but probably not much more. Most of the hotels are located in Waikiki which is a short walking distance if not directly on the beach. Here you will be able to find anything you are looking for. Don’t be sketchy, don’t be afraid to talk to people, and watch out for the police (as always). But, follow these guidelines and you will be smoking on some ganja within a few minutes. Waikiki Beach itself is a great place to smoke, but not our favorite.

What you need to do is take the public bus, or taxi, or do like us and walk it out to the community college. Across the street is Diamond Head State Park. It’s a short walk up the service road, and you will come to a tunnel. Walk or drive through the tunnel and into the park. The ranger station is located in the center of the volcano, which is now dormant. There are signs and a trail so you can get to the top of Diamond Head. The trail zig zags up the walls of the volcano goes through a closed down army bunker, leads to a spiral staircase inside the mountain, and to the top of Diamond Head. This spot is popular so make sure to go up early in the morning so you can smoke one as the sun is coming up.

Its an awesome sight to see, and a must smoke at destination. Check it out when on O’ahu.