This spot is awesome.

Check it out!

First off, this spot is the most Southern point in all of the 50 states. It is rightfully named South Point, and Ka Lae in Hawaiian. If you are staying at Kona this is a good stop on your way to Volcano National Park, or you could make a whole day out of it. If you are staying near Hilo, just go past Volcano National Park and it won’t be hard to find at all.

At the officially marked most Southern point, there are platforms where you can jump from the top of the cliffs into the ocean. Take a hit, jump in, and try not to exhale until you resurface. Haha. Or, play it safe and just take a couple hits at one of the most geographically extreme places in the United States. On your way there, you will see a sign for Green Sand Beach.

Follow the sign to the parking lot. There is an old man who will watch your car for you and help you find a driver to take you to the beach. It’s a 3 mile walk one way if you feel up to it, but bring water and wear sunscreen. We walked there and once we came to our sensimilla, I mean senses, we decided to get a ride back. Every driver you will encounter is holding , in their own words “some fine Hawaiian cannabis”, so don’t be afraid to ask. We got offered to indulge in the forbidden herb 3 times on our walk to the beach. Once, you get to the beach you will see that the green sand attracts quite a few green smokers. Don’t take the sand, and remember not to feed the hippies.

Hope you enjoy this hidden gem.