Ok, so now while a grandfather blunt might refer to a blunt that you smoke with your grandfather, in this case it does not. In order to make this happen you are going to need to save your roaches, from joints and blunts, spliffs if you want. Once you have 50 or so, less if you clip your smoke kind of short, you should be could to go.

Step 1: Separate the weed from the roach. Put all the weed in one pile and throw out the excess blunt wraps and papers.

Step 2: Break up a little extra weed and mix it with what you harvested out of the roaches.

Step 3: Roll it up in a blunt and smoke it.

We at MJMB love a good grandfather blunt. You could roll a grandfather joint if your prefer, but in our opinion the taste of the blunt compliments the┬áresinous taste of the “roach weed”. Also, this is a great way to conserve your resources. And, remember that when smoking blunts it is important to always roll using a Dutch Master.

That’s all.

Peace out!