We just moved our headquarters and have been working on getting everything set up, so we’re sorry for the extreme delay in new material. But, it got us thinking. When a stoner moves, or travels, the most important thing to consider upon arrival is where you are going to find your new connect.

If you plan on going to Atlantis in the Bahamas, just check our article on how to find weed there. And, the same thing if you plan on traveling to Oahu, Maui, or the Big Island in Hawaii. If you go to Copenhagen, check out Christiania. And, if you need help finding Amsterdam, you are going to need more help than we can provide.

Otherwise we have some general tips to help you out.

If you are on vacation this might seem like a daunting task, but follow our tips and you will be stoned before you know it. When you’re in a foreign country it is important to avoid the fuzz and you don’t want to be dealing with sketch balls on the street. If you’re staying in a hotel, talk to the doorman, the valet, room service personnel, or even the concierge. Worst comes to worst, they will say they can’t help you out. But, in reality, how many of your friends would you need to talk to before you found 5 of them that couldn’t help you find weed. Just think about it like that. Other good places to look would be bars; talk to the bar tenders. Tour guides. Taxi drivers. Anybody who already has there hustle on, will more likely than not be willing to help you out if they could make a buck. At the same time, be smart, and don’t get taken advantage of.

We’re going to talk to some of the Mythbuster’s crew to gather stories of finding weed when moving to new places. But, in the mean time send us your stories of the most random way you found weed, finding it on vacation, or finding it when you moved to a new place.

Jah bless.