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Auto-Flowering Marijuana


How old were you the first time you smoked marijuana?


To the tried an true veterans who have been with us since last summer or maybe even last spring, you are familiar with our Pot Polls, and we are happy to tell you that after 2 1/2 months of trying to figure out how to get them up and running again we finally have found the solution.

To everyone who is new here, or is just unfamiliar with our polls, take a few minutes to check them out, vote, and see what your fellow stoners have said regarding some of the things you’ve probably wondered about while you were high.

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Marijuana Tourism


When I think of marijuana tourism I am often reminded of Amsterdam in the Netherlands, which is probably what most people think of. However, in the neighboring country of Denmark, there is a vastly unknown counter culture village where marijuana and hash are sold openly on the street. It is located in Copenhagen and is known to westerners as Christiania, it can easily be accessed by getting off the Metro at the Christianshavns station. For more information on Christiania, check out our Bevar Christiania post. It is always nice to visit somewhere new in the summer when there is much more to do outside, however we highly recommend going around Chritsmas and New Years when the city is lit up and decorated in holiday mode. It was bitter cold when we were there, but quite the experience. If you have the time check out the island of Samso as well, it is the EU’s poster child sustainable community. Now, you can tell that I’m high since I’m rambling. I feel asleep at 8pm woke up at 2am and have to leave for work at 7am. Which is completely messing with my head since I ussually go to sleep at 2am to wake up at 7am, so I got stoned. Haha. But, to make a point here. There are also places where marijuana grows in the wild. The most famous of these places is probably the remote kingdoms of Nepal and Bhutan in the Himalayan Mountains renowned for their grade AAA wild marijuana. And, many former Soviet countries in Eastern Europe also have wild marijuana. Many of these countries used to produce hemp agriculturally as did the United States, and the marijuana “escaped” from agricultural production and grows wild. It is from these former Soviet countries that Cannabis ruderalis is believed to have originated. Marijuana as I just mentioned also grows wild in several parts of the Midwest where hemp production was once common, however the quality is not very high and this weed goes by the term ditch weed as it often grows in the ditches along the sides of roads. Another random factoid, Russia is the largest exporter of hemp while the United States is the largest importer. We used to grow, now we don’t, it just doesn’t make sense. It’s the same thing with the avocados, look it up. We don’t import them from Russia, but we used to grow them and now we don’t. Wow, that was a stretch. Sorry  guys, my mind is like half in dream mode right now. But. to the point I was trying to make. Should the United States set up a city where marijuana can be bought, sold, and consumed openly. It could be a new city, so we wouldn’t infringe on anyone else. And, it could be like Harvestfest if anyone has ever been to one of those in Maine. You can bring in whatever you want, you can do whatever you want while you’re there, but once you leave you’re on your own. The police very well might search your car and person on the way out, they might not. Should we make a city like this here to help generate some revenue for our ailing economy? Also, we’re tkaing name suggestions if you have them.

How often do you smoke?


Can you die from smoking too much weed?


Feel free to vote in this poll and add your voice to the conversation.

You know there is quite a bit of controversy surrounding the topic of marijuana overdose, despite there having been no reported cases ever. Frankly, we just don’t think its possible and neither do 9 out of our 10 visitors. It might be possible that someone with an allergy to marijuana could die from ingesting it, however due to its legal status in many places there has been little research conducted on a marijuana allergy. It is a plant, some people are allergic to certain plants, it only makes sense that certain people would be allergic to marijuana. And of course, everyone has heard the old urban legend, “You can overdose on weed if you smoke your weight.” The Merck Index lists the LD50 (dosage of a certain chemical which will kill half of a population given that dosage) of pure THC to be 42 mg per kg of body weight for rats when the THC is inhaled. What does this mean for us? The lesson I learned is, if you have pure THC, please, don’t waste it getting rats high.

Now, let’s make some assumptions with this Merck Index LD50 of 42mg/kg. So, let’s assume we have a 75kg person (165 lbs) and that this LD50 also applies to humans, that gives us 3150 mg or 3.15 g. But, even hash oil isn’t pure THC, neither is hash, nor is weed itself. Assuming that you have the best hash oil in the world and it is 90% pure, you would need to smoke 3.5 grams in order to have a 50% chance of dying. Assuming you have some awesome hash and it is 70% pure, you would need to smoke 4.5 grams in order to have a 50% chance of dying. And lastly, assuming you have some top shelf weed from a dispensary and it has a 20% purity, you would need to smoke 15.75 grams in order to give yourself a 50% chance of dying.

Personally, I’ll stick with these numbers and assume that they are correct and that all the assumptions are correct. I still think it is impossible to overdose on marijuana, because 99.9% of people (in my opinion) would be fast asleep before smoking 3.5 grams of hash oil, 4.5 grams of hash, or 15.75 grams of pot. Anyone who could smoke more than these amounts has likely built up a tolerance to THC ala Johnny Depp in his roles as George Jung in the movie Blow.

So, where does this leave us. Well let’s start with the basics, it’s impossible to overdose on marijuana. But, if you could effectively smoke your body weight in a short period of time without falling asleep you maybe will die. Seeing as you can’t, there’s really nothing to worry about unless you are allergic. Of course if you are allergic to marijuana, you are probably allergic to the pollen and would be perfectly fine inhaling marijuana smoke. But, that’s enough of what we have to say. Vote in our poll, and feel free to posts any comments or questions you may have. If you are going to attempt to smoke your weight in marijuana, please contact us directly at mjmbmail@gmail.com as we would like to help document, administer, and participate in your experiment.


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