Our Headquarters in the Bahamas

For the past week the Marijuana Myth Busters have been investigating weed culture in the Bahamas. We visited Paradise Island and the Atlantis Resort in Nassau as part of a certain New England University, class of 2011 Senior Trip. One of the promises most of us have made to ourselves is to smoke weed everyday, and we kept that promise while on vacation.

Finding marijuana in and around the resort is not difficult, however it is important to remember that it is illegal in the Bahamas. On the beach, jet ski operators try to peddle their services to anyone and everyone. If you are trying to procure marijuana these are the people to talk to. Beyond that, use your judgement. Don’t give them money if they don’t have anything on them and don’t try to buy weed off of anyone who has a badge. You can smoke in the hotels. Use your best judgement and go out on your balcony when you smoke.

While nearly everyone in the Bahamas smokes marijuana, as we said before it is illegal. You could get away with smoking in public but be careful in the resort. As far as the world outside of the resorts is concerned, there are a few things to take note of. First, as one of the locals told us, anyone who is riding a motorcycle is also carrying a pistol. Don’t let this scare you, but just keep that in mind. Second, if you go to any spot where the locals hang out there is someone there who can sell you some ganja. And, lastly, while the Bahamas is probably one of the safest places in the world to visit, it is not like any suburban town. What this means is that, just think about what you’re doing. Just like anywhere else in the world, people will rip you off if they think they can, don’t let this happen. The other implication is that, unlike America, the police can be bought. As a tourist you could easily say that you did not know the laws and it is likely that your stash will be confiscated by the police. So, for your own sake just don’t let them catch you.

Another good thing to keep in mind whenever you are traveling is to do as the locals do. In the Bahamas the preferred way to smoke weed is out of a Backwoods cigar. If you are smoking with other people, particularly locals, its always nice to share but don’t feel obligated to. People who try to get in on your session without throwing down any money are called crabs, because just like crabs they try to grab at your stuff with their claws. In terms of the product itself, the quality varies. Good weed isn’t impossible to come by, but most of it is grown outdoors or imported from Jamaica, and therefore is not like anything you would get from a dispensary or a dealer in the United States. Keeping this in mind, make a deal with your supplier. Prices are negotiable and grams can be purchased for as low as $5.

While we were there we had one of the lifeguards from the resort bring us to his hang out spot. We purchased 2 grams, 2 Backwoods cigars, and 3 beers for a grand total of $20. When the locals hang out they play dominoes. It’s definitely worth a try to get in on a game, but don’t put any money down on it because the locals are much better than you. After 20 games or so, I hadn’t won a single game. It was probably just because I had never played before, however I was slightly stoned.

So remember, when in the Bahamas, do as the Bahamanians do, and light one up. Jah bless, man. Also, coming soon will be reviews of where and how to smoke weed in other locations around the world. Send us some info or stories about your international ganja experiences if you have them.