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How to Roll a Grandfather Blunt


Ok, so now while a grandfather blunt might refer to a blunt that you smoke with your grandfather, in this case it does not. In order to make this happen you are going to need to save your roaches, from joints and blunts, spliffs if you want. Once you have 50 or so, less if you clip your smoke kind of short, you should be could to go.

Step 1: Separate the weed from the roach. Put all the weed in one pile and throw out the excess blunt wraps and papers.

Step 2: Break up a little extra weed and mix it with what you harvested out of the roaches.

Step 3: Roll it up in a blunt and smoke it.

We at MJMB love a good grandfather blunt. You could roll a grandfather joint if your prefer, but in our opinion the taste of the blunt compliments the┬áresinous taste of the “roach weed”. Also, this is a great way to conserve your resources. And, remember that when smoking blunts it is important to always roll using a Dutch Master.

That’s all.

Peace out!

What is your favorite brand of cigars to roll into blunts?


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How to Roll a Braided Joint


It’s not as hard as you think. If you want to learn how to roll a braided joint read the following instructions.

Learn to roll a braided joint.

Learn to roll a braided joint.

You are going to need three joints. Roll the joints thin but loose. You can roll the joints fat, but you will need to use king size papers or connect two papers end to end. Once you have three joints rolled, connect them with a rubber band and then braid them. You might want to have your girlfriend do that part, but its not that hard to figure out.

We used Rizzlas, doubled up. And, made that creation which you are looking at. The fatter you roll the joints the longer they need to be in order to accommodate the braiding. It smoked nice and evenly. Make sure to put mouth pieces in each of the joints to prevent them from closing up.

And, if you can roll a nicer one, email us your picture at We’ve smoked double barrel, even triple barrel blunts, but never before today have we rolled a braided joint. If you think you can compete, send us what you’ve got.

What is the best way to smoke marijuana?


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Okay crew. We’ve got a new question for everyone, and with 4/20 coming up this one is pretty relevant. One of you asked, what is the best tasting way to smoke weed? So what we want to know is… in your opinion, what is the best way to smoke marijuana? And, if your favorite way to get high isn’t listed, leave us a comment telling us all about it. Cast your votes now and let us know your favorite way to smoke.

Just so everyone knows, you can now follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Check out our new “Share” option at the bottom of each post. Feel free to go back and share your favorite pot polls and MJMB posts.

P.S. Don’t forget 4/20 is less than 2 days away!!!


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