So, awhile back one of you asked if you could get high off of tea made by boiling marijuana stems in water. When we asked you what you thought about, 37% of the responses said that there was not a chance in hell that this would work, 34% were unsure, and only 29% thought that this could work. Well, we’re here with an answer for you that some of you might not like to hear.

It doesn’t work, there’s not a chance in hell that you can get high off of “stem tea”. This came as a real disappointment to us, but we got over it pretty quickly.

Doesn't it look delicious.

So, if you want to make a drink you can get high off of, follow the directions below. And, sorry we’ve been holding out on you for so long. We busted this myth a while back, but thought it would be most appropriate to release the results on Drinko, I mean Cinco, de Mayo.

You see, THC does not dissolve in water. However, it does dissolve in fat and alcohol. That’s why you can make cannabutter, because butter contains lots of fat molecules for the THC to bond with. But, there is also a concoction known as “green dragon”, which uses alcohol to bond with the THC instead of fat. Now, don’t be disappointed if you’re not 21 yet and can’t get your hands on any alcohol, we have a method that is practical for stoners of all ages.

Now, you are obviously going to need some type of alcohol to do this yourself. Everclear works best, moonshine would be even better if you have it, Bacardi 151, you need something with very high alcohol content. The higher the alcohol content the easier it is, and the more potent brew you will end up with. Now, here’s something I bet you didn’t know. You can get 166 proof (that means 83%) alcohol at any major grocery store in the United States, even if you aren’t 21. You need to go to the baking aisle and get McCormick’s Pure Lemon Extract, but don’t drink it. Now, because that was said of course someone is going to drink it, so when that happens; post a comment so we know how miserable it was. For the rest of the post we are going to use the term extract, if you choose to use everclear or whatever just substitute that every where we say extract.

You’re going to need about one ounce of extract for every gram of weed you plan to use. Grind up your weed and place it on a plate, microwave it for 10 seconds, four times, allowing it to cool to room temperature between each time you zap it. Take the extract and pour it in a coffee mug or measuring cup and stir in your weed, after its been microwaved. Don’t microwave the extract.

You need to create a double boiler, which means place the mug or measuring cup in a pot of boiling water. Make sure the water doesn’t pour into the mug, and let the mixture heat up. If the extract starts to boil, take the pot off the heat, let it cool, and then put it back on the heat. You don’y want the extract to boil, you want it to be just under boiling. If you have a thermometer keep the extract at 165 degrees Fahrenheit, if not just makes sure it doesn’t boil. After its been on the heat for 20 minutes, take it off and let it cool down. Filter it with a coffee filter or paper towel, and then admire your creation. It will be very green, your very own green dragon. We recommend that you mix the green dragon with another beverage for your taste buds sake, but we don’t judge. Drink it however you want, and let the good times roll.

If anyone needs any clarification on any of this process, send us an email or post a comment below. We wish everyone a very green Cinco de Mayo. And, hope that you all enjoy your new favorite drink.