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Phosphorus is Important


In an effort to optimize our site we have been noticing that many first time viewers have reached us by searching for “purple marijuana stems” or some related term through search engines. If you are one of these people, we highly recommend that you keep reading.

Purple Marijuana Stems

Essentially, plants need light, water, and nutrients to grow. In a growing set up where you use soil, the majority of the nutrients can be absorbed by the plants root system from the soil. In hydroponics, it is necessary to add any nutrients to the water. A deficiency of any nutrient can arise in a soil grow, however it is more likely that a deficiency will occur in a hydroponic setup.

Different deficiencies manifest themselves in different ways, and if you notice that the stalk or stem, whatever you might refer to it, of your plant is turning purple it is likely that you are experiencing a phosphorus deficiency. This problem can be corrected by feeding your plant a fertilizer which is high in phosphorus. Water down the fertilizer and flush the soil or growing medium with the nutrient rich solution. If you are using a hydroponic setup then just add the phosphorus laden fertilizer the next time you fill the resevoir.

Hope this helped.


The Economics of Marijuana


As many of you may or may not know, we have quite a few economists amongst the ranks at Marijuana Myth Busters. The field of economics is full of stoners of all ages; from students to professors, put simply economists like pot. And, as you might guess there is quite a bit of economic research out there on the marijuana industry.

After conducting our own research we cam across a local drug dealer who made an interesting point. He said that his reason for selling marijuana was motivated solely by two things. The first being that as a drug dealer he could essentially “smoke for free”, although in reality he is only smoking at a far reduced cost. And, the second motivating factor was of course money. He went on to say that he was so motivated by money in selling marijuana that he would prefer if it stayed illegal, because as an illegal substance he could charge more money for it.

This story truly represents the problem that arises form marijuana being illegal. If every drug dealer was as smart as ours, they would all want marijuana to stay illegal. Most drug dealers make a decent amount of money, which they would not be able to do if it was legalized. Who amongst us would buy barely a gram off the street for $20 when you would be able to get an actual gram of higher quality bud in a store for $10? The consumers are really being hurt by the current structure of the market for marijuana. But, the government is losing out too.

If marijuana was legalized and taxed it is estimated that the price to the consumer after any and all taxes will be at most 50% of the current street prices. As a $25 billion per year, if not more, industry marijuana represents the largest tax loophole in history. For as much as we may hate them, the government is truly missing out on the opportunity to raise money for schools, to create legitimate jobs, and fund other programs and facilitate other opportunities for the public.

Allowing farmers to grow marijuana would increase the profitability of farmers and farm land in America. In recent years many farms have gone into foreclosure not only causing serious financial burdens for farmers, but also putting a strain on the domestic supply of food for our country.

The only people who benefit off of marijuana being illegal now are the growers and distributors. If you are one, sorry for all the hate. Been there and done that ourselves, everyone needs to start somewhere. But, everyone will benefit from its legalization. If you support the legalization of marijuana, leave a comment below and let us know what you think. Until then be like an economist, and keep your head in the clouds.


Chronicology 101: Making Your Pot Turn Purple


Now that’s some Purp right there.

To start, it is possible to turn marijuana purple by lowering the temperatures in your grow room during the flowering stage of growth. In some cases it can be simpler than that and won’t require anything. In others, turning your weed purple won’t be possible.

Now, you can turn weed whatever color you want using food coloring, but we don’t recommend this method and it won’t increase the potency of your bud. Many florists dye their flowers different colors by simply adding food coloring to the water they are sitting in after they have been cut. Right after you cut down one of your plants, you could stick the branches in colored or even flavored water to produce a similar effect. We might be more inclined to experiment with flavors over anything else, but we still do not recommend messing with your bud in this manner. Remember, it won’t increase the potency and purple pot doesn’t necessarily guarantee high potency either.

The reason some strains of marijuana turn purple is the same reason why some trees leaves turn colors in the fall, why red grapes are purple, why a blood orange is so red, why an eggplant is purple, why blueberries are blue, and why black raspberries are black. This phenomenon is caused by the occurrence of something known as anthocyanin accumulation which causes anthocyanin to build up within plants. While chlorophyll is what gives weed and plants in general their green color, anthocyanin is what makes weed purple, and carotenoid is what will make weed yellow or gold. CLICK HERE FOR MORE GROW GUIDES

If your plant has the genetics which make it prone to anthocyanin accumulation, you can make it turn purple by dropping the temperatures in the growing environment down below 50 degrees Fahrenheit when the light is off. During flower you should be on a 12-12 cycle or something very close. Some plants will turn purple without such a drastic drop in temperatures, and like I said before, for some plants it just isn’t possible.

You can also experiment with nutrients from your local hydroponic supply store. They may have something that can turn any weed purple, but we have not had the time to test all of these products.

In the end, you need to realize that turning your weed purple won’t make it any better. The reason that most purple bud is so good is because the people who have been growing pot long enough to master the trick of turning bud purple don’t want to mess around growing anything but the dankest of headies. On the other hand, you may have smoked purple bud which was not very good at all. Some strains will turn purple no matter what you do to them, and an inexperienced grower could have grown some Mexican brick weed quality ganja which just happens to be purple. Definitely quite unlikely though.

If you choose to try your luck at turning your plants purple, just remember several things. First, look for the purpling to occur about two weeks before you plan to harvest. This could be anywhere from about 7 to 10 weeks into the flowering stage of growth. And, with this in mind, don’t do the temperature drop at night until the plant is in flowering, even up to 3 to 4 weeks after. Your plant will turn purple before you intend it to, which is one of the plants signs that it is being stressed. The cold temperatures are stressful on your plant, and as a result will likely result in a slightly smaller yield of slightly smaller quality than if you hadn’t dropped the temperature every night. If you’ve read this far into the article, you’re probably very adamant about turning your weed purple, and nothing I say will convince you otherwise. So, I’m not going to try.

Good luck in your endeavors. Follow our directions and if the cards are in your favor you will get purple weed. Remember, it is partially controlled by genetics so don’t give up if you don’t succeed on your first try. And, when you harvest your plants, feel free to send us a sample. Thanks.



With all this talk of growing…


We were wondering how many of you out there have ever successfully grown marijuana, or tried to at least. So, send in your votes and let us know.


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