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More people want pot legalized than don’t


For the first time since Woodstock, more people in the United States want marijuana to be legalized than think it should remain illegal.

Here is a graphic representation of this data.

And, here is the break down by different demographic groups.

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Bevar Christiania


The entrance to Christiania

While Amsterdam is often thought of as the center of the pot smoking universe, only a short train ride away lies quite possibly one of our favorite places in the entire world. Within the city of Copenhagen there is a small community known as Christiania or Freetown Christiania. The community contains homes, businesses, restaurants, bars, clubs, a public sauna, theaters, and some of the most interesting people you will ever meet.

Our last visit there was in December 2009 during the United Nations COP15 Climate Change Conference. Christiania was the staging are for many non-government organizations which were planning demonstrations that had been deemed illegal by the Danish government. Christiania was chosen as the appropriate area to do this because it is essentially an autonomous state within Denmark, and because of the intense disdain for the government.

The community is established on an abandoned naval base, and everyone who lives there is technically a squatter. In order to join the community you must be voted in by the rest of the community. Since Christiania is self governing they established three main rules. No violence. No wepaons. And, no hard drugs.

Unlike Amsterdam where the marijuana trade is highly regulated, in Christiania the marijuana and hashish trade occurs out in the open on Pusher Street. When you go to Christiania you are not allowed to take pictures on Pusher Street, becasue the pushers don’t want your pictures to get the pushed into prison. However, you can smoke wherever you want, as long as you’re not inside. People often sit around a fire outside Cafe Nemoland, the Nightfisher, or Woodstock smoking, sharing, and just loving life.

Recently, Christiania has come under a serious attack from the Supreme Court of Denmark. Before it get’s closed, if it get’s closed, I recommend that you take a trip there as soon as you can. It is undoubtedly one of the most inspirational places I have ever been in the entire world. And, definitely the best place to smoke weed. So, bevar Christiania (which means Save Christiania).


A few things you need to know about hemp.


Just a few uses of hemp.

First of all there are over 25,000 well known and documented uses for hemp, for matters of time we will focus on a small percentage of those uses. But, before we begin. What is hemp?

Hemp is the fiber that is obtained by growing certain strains of marijuana. The strain of marijuana that is used to produce hemp is not good for producing herb to smoke, its an either or kind of thing. However, because it is a strain of cannabis it is illegal in the United States. The United States is the largest consumer of hemp products and we are the largest importer of hemp in the world. On the other side of the spectrum, China is the world’s largest exporter of hemp.

The seeds of the plant are highly nutritious, and growing hemp could help fight world hunger. The oil from the seeds, just like petroleum, could be turned into plastic and used for anything that is made from plastic. The stalk of the hemp plant can be used to make paper, and rope, and clothes. Hemp can be turned into ethanol, which can power a car. Hemp is the best biomass to use for making ethanol, because it is the most productive and grows the fastest. Henry Ford advocated the use of ethanol to power cars. The inventor of the car, in essence, wanted his invention to be powered by marijuana. But, back to paper. Since marijuana grows every year, no tress need to be cut down, and no one needs to wait 25 years for them to be ready. By using an acre of land to grow hemp instead of trees, you could generate 4.1 times the amount of paper. Hemp can be used to make soap, which is biodegradable.

Now, keep in mind. While hemp is a type of marijuana you can’t get high from it. The government used to tell people to grow hemp. George Washington grew hemp, so did man of the other Founding Fathers. During WWII farmers were ordered to grow hemp in order to make parachute cables for the troops fighting in Europe. That’s right hemp is strong enough to use for parachute cables. In the early days of America, when we were just colonies, farmers HAD to grow hemp. And, another thing I forgot to mention.

Henry Ford. Actually made a car out of hemp. The frame was made of hemp, and guess what? It was ten times stronger than a steel frame. The seats were made of hemp. The stick shift was made of hemp resin, and turned into plastic. Better yet, based on what I already told you. Guess what the car ran on? You got it, hemp. Hemp, and the whole marijuana family of plants, is one of the best discoveries throughout the course of human history. Seeing as hemp can be used to power a car, let me drop this statistic on you. If we planted 6% of the total United States land area in hemp, we could power the whole country on biomass fuel. A measly 6%, thats like what you pay in sales tax, that’s nothing. In fact, the sales tax off of all the products we could make from hemp would generate millions of dollars in revenue. We could more equally balance are imports and are exports.

As Jack Herer has preached for decades, hemp can save America, if we let it.

If you have any questions about hemp, the difference between hemp and marijuana, or more uses for hemp, let us know. We will be happy to help. And remember, we’re on Facebook, Twitter, and we have email. Check our other pages, and vote in our polls. Sorry the last post was so irrelevant, but it needed to be said.




So if you’ve read the about page you know what this site is about. And, if not here’s the deal. What we are trying to achieve here is setting the record straight on all myths related to marijuana. The site is still under construction as we speak, but we figured it would be best to start letting the myths come in. Just reply to this comment with a myth about marijuana that you would like to see busted and we will go figure out whether the myth is true or busted. The results of our findings we will put into a video and post back up on the site for all to see. If you can somehow bust a myth that we cannot, we will bring you on as a member of our team.

So… let’s see what you’ve got for us.


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