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MJMB: One year later


It was one year ago today, April 13th, 2011, when Marijuana Mythbusters transformed from a pipe dream to reality. At the time we we’re located in Massachusetts, and we had spent about a month getting the site ready to be launched. On April 13th, the first post went live, and the rest is history. All in all, it’s been an exciting year for us, and through all the good times (and that one really bad time, just Google “marijuana mythbusters tmz” if you don’t know what we’re talking about) we would just like to thank all our fans and friends for helping to make MJMB what it is today. While we’re still working to bring our original idea to fruition and spending more time busting myths, we greatly appreciate your continued support and patronage of our site during the past year. With 420 coming up its getting to be a busy time in the stoner world. You better be ready, if the Mayans we’re right it could be the last 420 ever. Think about it. Our plan is to be in Boulder/Denver, Colorado for the big day. The High Times Medical Cannabis Cup and lots of other festivities will be taking place on the big day. No matter where in the world you will be on 420, just remember to get high, as high as physically possible. Don’t worry it won’t kill you.

We put this part in here because we know as well as you that stoners don’t always want to read. So, this picture here shows the monthly views we experienced at Marijuana Mythbusters during our first year. We look forward to continuing the upward trend, which to you means “Go click on some shit!”. So, until next time. MJMB out and Jah bless.

Myth Busted: Does coughing make you more high?


So, awhile ago we set up a poll asking our readers if they thought that they get more high when they cough while smoking makes. It seems like 78% of us feel that coughing gets us more high, while 17% say it doesn’t, and 5% apparently have never coughed while smoking. Now, here are some things to consider which might justify some truth behind this marijuana myth.

When you smoke marijuana, the main ingredient which gets you high is the chemical THC. Good old Delta 9 Tetrahydrocannabinol. When the THC reaches approximately 301 degrees Fahrenheit it becomes active (CBD at 403 F and CBN at 415 F). This is the reaction that occurs when you light a joint or a blunt, torch a bong, or use a vaporizer. In a joint, for example, the paper burns at 451 degrees Fahrenheit which is a major them in the book Fahrenheit 451. Or in the case of a bong or a bowl where you are using a butane lighter which burns around 550 degrees Fahrenheit. So, depending on the person and the size of the apparatus you are smoking out of, everyone will take in a different amount of smoke on any given toke of the sacred herb.

When you cough, your lungs are gasping for air, its an instinct which has stuck with us from our time as reptiles millions of years ago. When you cough, your lungs expand, and certain areas of your lung are exposed to smoke that wouldn’t have been had you not coughed.

So, you might not get as high taking a hit from a joint that makes you cough as you would from a hit from a bong. But, the best way to utilize any given hit is to maximize the amount THC that you absorb. This can be easily achieved by coughing and increasing the surface area in your lungs that can absorb the THC, or by holding in the hit. We have also been looking in to what the ideal amount of time is to hold in a hit. Let us know what you think it is, by voting in this poll.

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