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Can you donate blood if you smoke or have smoked marijuana?


For those of you who did not come here to read a lengthy discussion of this topic, the answer is yes. It is perfectly fine for someone who has smoked or even regularly smokes marijuana to donate blood. The Red Cross is very explicit on this topic and states that “marijuana or alcohol use does not necessarily disqualify you from giving blood as long as you are feeling well.” It is important to note that a blood donation center is unlikely to accept your donation if they believe that you have recently consumed either alcohol or marijuana. Also, while marijuana and alcohol will not disqualify you from giving blood, intravenous drug use at any point in your lifetime will disqualify you as will various other medical conditions and other assorted criteria. A helpful guide on donating blood which was put together by the Red Cross can be found here.

Now, the reason this is acceptable and does not harm the recipient of a blood transfusion is because your body metabolizes THC into two different chemicals. The first of which is 11-OH-THC which is also psychoactive like THC. Some scientists and doctors believe that the reason the munchies are delayed is because 11-OH-THC causes the munchies and your body must take time to metabolize THC before 11-OH-THC is present in your blood stream. This process happens relatively quickly as your liver filters blood continuously. Enzymes in the liver continue metabolizing these chemicals and turn the 11-OH-THC into 11-nor-9-Carboxy-THC which is non-psychoactive. This takes several hours and by the time that there is no THC nor 11-OH-THC in your system you are no longer high. So, when the Red Cross says that your donation is unlikely to be accepted if the blood donation center staff believe you have recently consumed marijuana, they are in effect making sure that your body has broken down any psychoactive chemicals that your blood may otherwise contain. This makes it acceptable to donate blood even if you are a regular marijuana smoker as no recipient of your blood would be taking any psychoactive chemicals into your body which may otherwise cause them to feel high.

Ethically, some people say that marijuana smokers should not donate blood as there THC laden and generally dirty,trashed, second-rate excuse for blood is unsuitable for an infant, toddler, child recipient. However, as we have just discussed by that point in time your blood contains no psychoactive chemicals, and it might be argued at that point in time that it is actually more harmful for people with high cholesterol to donate blood. In our opinion, it actually defies our moral and ethical beliefs to not donate blood as often as you can. How often you can donate will differ by blood center and by the type of donation you are giving, so check with you local blood center, but its safe to say you are eligible 6 times per year. The Red Cross states that you can save up to 3 lives by donating blood just once. So, get out there do it. Hope this cleared up a few things for everyone.

Back to School: Marijuana Safety


With the majority, if not all, colleges back in session for the fall semester it struck us here at MJMB as a good time to share some of our knowledge about marijuana safety on college campuses. There are many obstacles a young marijuana connoisseur will encounter on the smallest campus, the largest, or any size in between. Your obvious opponents are the RA’s, of course, and, as always, the police or whatever equivalent security force operates at your college or university. It is our belief that your professors believe that every single one of their students smokes marijuana, in all likelihood many of them have, and the truth of the matter is that your professor probably smokes more weed than you do. So, the professors are not a threat. And, the college administration themselves are so far removed from the students that I would not worry about them either. Always keep your eyes open when you are smoking outside and be vigilant of who else is in the area.

So, what else is there to consider? Finding a location from the time I started smoking weed until the time I went to college was always the hardest thing to figure out logistically. When my parents dropped me off at college the first thing I did after they left was roll a blunt with my roommate and we smoked it right there in that room. It was a good feeling, but we thankfully recognized early on that there are some precautions that must be taken when things like this were going to go down.

  1. Before anything happens, the door needs to be locked. At a minimum you need to prevent draft by placing a towel at the base of the door. Covering the whole door with a sheet or blanket so all cracks are covered is even better.

I’m not a towel. You’re a towel”

  1. Make sure the air conditioner is off and that any fans you have are pushing air towards a window. Also, be aware of what is going on outside your window. Otherwise you might end up blowing a nice cloud of smoke into a cops face or some other horrific type of situation might occur.

There’s nothing witty to say about a fan.

  1. The most important rule of all… Stay in school, don’t be a fool, wrap your tool. If by tool you mean smoke detector. Setting off the smoke detector is the worst thing possible, the police and fire department will come into your room if you set one off. The best way to avoid that is to cover one with a garbage bag and then securing it with duct tape. When you are not smoking it is important to remove the “smoke condom” in order to prevent creating a fire hazard. In the worst case scenario, if the fire alarm goes off, try to fan it immediately, it might not trigger the alarms for the whole building, and you might get away with it. If the alarm continues to go off, put everything illegal that is in your room in a backpack, and start walking as far away as possible.

The infamous “smoke condom”. You get the idea now, right?

  1. Some other things you might want to consider would be using a spoof (dryer sheets shoved into a toilet paper roll that you exhale smoke into so it smells like dryer sheets), making sure to spray some nice smelling stuff after you smoke, and keeping all of your stuff in a safe which is secured to the floor or locked to a large piece of furniture.

A spoof. One of early man’s simple tools right up there with the lever and the wheel.

Depending on where you go to school, the repercussions of getting caught smoking the reefer will vary greatly. But, its just safer and easier to avoid it in general. Just be conscious of your surroundings, don’t draw attention to yourself, and smoke your damn weed. Of course, if anyone else has any suggestions for the peace loving, hippie college kids; feel free to post them as a comment. Questions are also welcome. And make sure to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook.

MJMB: One year later


It was one year ago today, April 13th, 2011, when Marijuana Mythbusters transformed from a pipe dream to reality. At the time we we’re located in Massachusetts, and we had spent about a month getting the site ready to be launched. On April 13th, the first post went live, and the rest is history. All in all, it’s been an exciting year for us, and through all the good times (and that one really bad time, just Google “marijuana mythbusters tmz” if you don’t know what we’re talking about) we would just like to thank all our fans and friends for helping to make MJMB what it is today. While we’re still working to bring our original idea to fruition and spending more time busting myths, we greatly appreciate your continued support and patronage of our site during the past year. With 420 coming up its getting to be a busy time in the stoner world. You better be ready, if the Mayans we’re right it could be the last 420 ever. Think about it. Our plan is to be in Boulder/Denver, Colorado for the big day. The High Times Medical Cannabis Cup and lots of other festivities will be taking place on the big day. No matter where in the world you will be on 420, just remember to get high, as high as physically possible. Don’t worry it won’t kill you.

We put this part in here because we know as well as you that stoners don’t always want to read. So, this picture here shows the monthly views we experienced at Marijuana Mythbusters during our first year. We look forward to continuing the upward trend, which to you means “Go click on some shit!”. So, until next time. MJMB out and Jah bless.

Myth Busted: Does coughing make you more high?


So, awhile ago we set up a poll asking our readers if they thought that they get more high when they cough while smoking makes. It seems like 78% of us feel that coughing gets us more high, while 17% say it doesn’t, and 5% apparently have never coughed while smoking. Now, here are some things to consider which might justify some truth behind this marijuana myth.

When you smoke marijuana, the main ingredient which gets you high is the chemical THC. Good old Delta 9 Tetrahydrocannabinol. When the THC reaches approximately 301 degrees Fahrenheit it becomes active (CBD at 403 F and CBN at 415 F). This is the reaction that occurs when you light a joint or a blunt, torch a bong, or use a vaporizer. In a joint, for example, the paper burns at 451 degrees Fahrenheit which is a major them in the book Fahrenheit 451. Or in the case of a bong or a bowl where you are using a butane lighter which burns around 550 degrees Fahrenheit. So, depending on the person and the size of the apparatus you are smoking out of, everyone will take in a different amount of smoke on any given toke of the sacred herb.

When you cough, your lungs are gasping for air, its an instinct which has stuck with us from our time as reptiles millions of years ago. When you cough, your lungs expand, and certain areas of your lung are exposed to smoke that wouldn’t have been had you not coughed.

So, you might not get as high taking a hit from a joint that makes you cough as you would from a hit from a bong. But, the best way to utilize any given hit is to maximize the amount THC that you absorb. This can be easily achieved by coughing and increasing the surface area in your lungs that can absorb the THC, or by holding in the hit. We have also been looking in to what the ideal amount of time is to hold in a hit. Let us know what you think it is, by voting in this poll.

And, to vote in the coughing poll, click here.

We will even bust myths you think of while you’re high…


So, we we’re asked “Can one simple cannon(ball) sink a pirate ship?” Now, this is a very intriguing question in our opinion. It doesn’t have anything to do with marijuana. It really isn’t even a myth. But, we suspect that whoever asked this question was undoubtedly under the influence of God’s blessed herb.

So, where to begin. We don’t own a cannon, and that is probably for the best. And, if we had a pirate ship. It is much more likely we would be shooting cannons at other ships than our own, just saying. But, it is important to remember that this is the 21st century. A time in which we still have pirates and where practically everything has been figured out, except maybe the speed of dark and who really built the pyramids.

Fortunately, someone has figured out if cannonballs could sink wooden ships. And this great-wizard-of-the-ancient-world’s name is Yaacov Kahanov, a professor at the University of Haifa in Israel. He found that cannon fire could penetrate wooden hulled ships, and that slower moving cannonballs actually did more damage to a ship’s hull than a faster moving cannon ball.

Let’s assume a cannon was fired. Before hitting its target it dipped into the water, and the impact with the water slowed the cannonball down slightly. Then, it made impact with the wooden hull of its target while under water. It seems very likely that one sole cannonball could in fact sink a ship.

For more information on this subject we recommend this article, here.

Thank you for submitting your myth. Remember, we will even bust myths that don’t pertain to marijuana, as long as you thought of them while you were high. So, stay high. And, to submit your myths, click here.




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