So, we’ve been trying to optimize our site for search engines and doing some other technical stuff like that. We found it interesting that an obscene amount of visitors on the site reached us by searching “purp weed”. Check out Chronicology 101: Making your pot turn purple, and see what all the fuss is about. It got us thinking about the best weed we ever smoked, which we called “The Truth”. It happened to be green, but we have also smoked quite a bit of really nice purple weed. And, we figured we would mention brown weed as well because we have seen weed that was brown. If you have smoked any weed that is any other color, please comment on this post and definitely get in contact with us. Not only do we want a picture of that for “The Stash“, but we’d like some for our stash as well. So, have at it. Let us know what’s good. And, stay high to stay fly. MJMB out.