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More people want pot legalized than don’t


For the first time since Woodstock, more people in the United States want marijuana to be legalized than think it should remain illegal.

Here is a graphic representation of this data.

And, here is the break down by different demographic groups.

For access to the original article, click here.

Myth Busted: Marijuana Overdose


In a small suburb of New York City, today it was proven that it is impossible to overdose on marijuana. It has been a common myth among many recreational cannabis consumers and medical marijuana patients that marijuana overdose can occur if a smoker can manage to smoke his or her own weight in marijuana in one day. However, this in and of itself is impossible…

1. When you smoke marijuana, you get the munchies.

2. When you get the munchies, you eat food.

3. When you eat food, you gain weight.

4. So, the act of smoking marijuana causes you to gain weight.

Now, when you smoke a gram of marijuana it is more than likely that you will increase your weight by much more than just one gram. The munchies will cause you to eat, and the cotton mouth will cause you to quench your thirst. Both actions will lead to an increase in your body weight. And, you will now have to smoke the same weight in marijuana as the food and water you just ingested.

This process is often cyclical, but will never lead to an overdose. Eventually you will simply go to sleep.

Additionally, if you can afford your weight in marijuana or possess your weight in marijuana, please contact us immediately.


PS: Watch this video about a police officer who baked pot brownies from weed he confiscated, and thought he had overdosed on pot.

Chronicology 101: Growing Outdoors


If you are contemplating growing marijuana outdoors, we recommend that you do it. But, there are a couple of things that you should consider first.

An outdoor grow.

If someone finds your crop, you will probably not end up benefiting from your hard work. Depending on who they are they will take it or they will try to get you in trouble with the authorities. So, where you decide to grow is very important. Your location should be secluded, but not necessarily remote. If you know of a location in the woods that people don’t frequent that might be a good start. However, the further away form civilization you go the further you have to carry all of your supplies.

The heaviest of all your supplies is water. So, your growing location should be very close to a source of water. If you are growing in the wilderness, close to a lake or a stream is a good start. However, you need to make sure that your site gets as much light as possible in order to get the maximum yield possible. The sun is the best source of light you could use for growing plants, however if your plants are only getting 3 hours of direct sunlight everyday you won’t have an impressive yield.

Beyond that, we recommend breaking up the soil with a shovel before planting seedlings. And, definitely start the seedlings inside first and allow them to bulk up a little bit before putting them outside. Once outside, you might want to protect them with chicken wire, animals like deer honestly enjoy eating marijuana. This we know from personal experiences. You don’t want to check on your plants too often because you will wear a path into the dirt, but check your plants every few days or once a week. Try to go in between rain storms, your plant won’t need water everyday, but you don’t want its growth to be stunted from a lack of water.

If you have any questions, shoot us an email at and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Good luck and congratulations on deciding to undertake possibly one of the best decisions of your life. Their is no feeling that is more rewarding for a stoner than to be smoking some pot that you grew yourself.


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