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Myth Busted: Marijuana Overdose


In a small suburb of New York City, today it was proven that it is impossible to overdose on marijuana. It has been a common myth among many recreational cannabis consumers and medical marijuana patients that marijuana overdose can occur if a smoker can manage to smoke his or her own weight in marijuana in one day. However, this in and of itself is impossible…

1. When you smoke marijuana, you get the munchies.

2. When you get the munchies, you eat food.

3. When you eat food, you gain weight.

4. So, the act of smoking marijuana causes you to gain weight.

Now, when you smoke a gram of marijuana it is more than likely that you will increase your weight by much more than just one gram. The munchies will cause you to eat, and the cotton mouth will cause you to quench your thirst. Both actions will lead to an increase in your body weight. And, you will now have to smoke the same weight in marijuana as the food and water you just ingested.

This process is often cyclical, but will never lead to an overdose. Eventually you will simply go to sleep.

Additionally, if you can afford your weight in marijuana or possess your weight in marijuana, please contact us immediately.


PS: Watch this video about a police officer who baked pot brownies from weed he confiscated, and thought he had overdosed on pot.

Need to Pass a Drug Test?


Someone contacted us through Twitter in regards to their blog. If you need to get weed out of your system for whatever reason this blog is definitely a good start. Check it out And if you don’t already, follow us on Twitter.

Check out “The Stash”


If you check out the results of our latest poll, you will see that the large majority of voters have favored the name “The Stash” for the new section of our website. Now, we need you to submit some good stuff for us to put in here. We’re looking for pictures of your nug, pictures of your bongs or pipes, pictures of joints or blunts you rolled, recipes, stories about smoking pot. Give us what you got. We’ll give you guys a little something to get you started, but think of “The Stash” as your stash. Let it be inspiration for you to smoke weed everyday of your life. Without further adieu I will let you go on and enjoy “The Stash”.


PS: Here’s the pride and joy of the MJMB collection. It’s no ROOR and it has no percolator, but it will knock you upside the head.

You ever seen a bong like that?

Help Us Name the New Section of Our Site!!!


So, we’re going to be starting a weed porn section of the site. Email us your photos if you have some dank nugs right now. And, show us what you’re smoking it out of if you got anything good. We’ll get our pictures up soon, let’s see if you can compete. Until then, submit your vote and help us name this new section of our site.

Ultimate Stoner’s 4/20 Survival Guide


Okay marijuana nation. Within an hour the clock will strike midnight and the big day will finally be here. Not to say 4/20 was bad last year, but it was the day the oil leak started in the Gulf of Mexico. This year let’s try to have the largest source of pollution be something a little more productive, like the secondhand marijuana smoke form America’s millions of smokers. We at Marijuana Myth Busters have been getting ready to start busting the first myth tomorrow. If you haven’t read yet, check out our post The First Myth. With this in mind we’ve been gathering supplies and we thought we could share our insight with everyone trying to celebrate tomorrow.

Whale Drinking Fountain

MJMB Endorsed Product: Turn your faucet into a drinking fountain. Found at your local Stop & Shop

1. So first things first. You will need a bag of weed, a bag of weed, everything’s better with a bag of weed.

2. If you are smoking as much as you should be tomorrow, you will need water. We recommend a Brita and reusable bottles, but bottled water will work, drink out of the garden hose for all we care. Just keep hydrated so you don’s pass out in the middle of Kentucky Fried Chicken when you’re picking up some food once the munchies kick in.

3. You will need munchies. Some recommendations we have include: pot brownies (of course), Girl Scout cookies with peanut butter but not the peanut butter Girl Scout cookies, italian ice, whatever you want just make sure you have something.

4. You are going to need eye drops, our favorites are Rohto V’s but Visine works, again just have something. And, sunglasses probably wouldn’t hurt either.

5. We should have mentioned this early, but make sure to have a lighter on your person at all times. This will mean starting the day with at least two lighters in your pockets and then a back up stored just in case.

6. It can never hurt to stock up on blunt wraps, Dutchmasters (MJMB preferred), or rolling papers; the stores and gas stations could sell out at any point in time especially on a day like tomorrow.

7. A nice place outside to smoke is always nice, put down the Xbox controller and get out there. We recommend your local abandoned fire tower or waterfall, if you can’t find one of these look for a field or a forest. Somewhere famous is always cool too, Walden Pond, Central Park, Long Beach. Wherever you are go somewhere cool and smoke some pot people.

If anyone can think of anything else that we should all have on us please list it in the comments.

Also a note to Massachusetts stoners. Go on a blunt cruise. As of today the smell of marijuana emanating from your car is no longer enough to allow police to force you to exit your vehicle. If they see something that’s different, but if they say they smell pot tell them you farted. You can check this link from the Boston Herald if you don’t believe me.


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