Reader submitted photo: Kief

In this article, we will teach you how to make hash. Making hash is our favorite thing to do with our kief, keep reading to find out the secret to making has for yourself.

But, first. Hello everyone, if you’re new here we’d like to welcome you into the MJMB (Marijuana Mythbusters) community. As you all know we collect myths and put our stoner ingenuity to the test as we attempt to bust them or confirm them and share the results with you.

Recently, we got a question from one of our loyal fans asking us what the best use would be for his kief (or keef, either way is correct). For anyone who is not familiar with the term, let me explain a little about what it is.

What is Kief?

When a marijuana plant reaches maturity in its growth cycle trichomes are formed on the leaves and buds of the plant. These trichomes are kief and they contain a higher concentration of THC than any other part of the plant. The buds and the leaves of the plant also contain THC, but trichomes are by far the most potent part of the plant.

In fact, the word kief is derived from the Arabic word kayf, which means well-being or pleasure. We’ll get into this more at a later date, but for now let’s get started on what you need to do to turn your kief into the best hash you’ll ever smoke.


What can you do with Kief?
Once you have a substantial amount collected (enough that your collection in your grinder is larger than any of your friends collections) there are several great things you can do with it. The first and most obvious is to just smoke it as it is; this can be alone in a pipe or bong, mixed with marijuana in a joint, sprinkled on top of a bowl pack before you hit it for the first time, or mixed with tobacco in a spliff. You can also purchase a kief press and turn it in to a little brick, which will make it easier to smoke in a bowl and also helps it to burn longer. The process of pressing kief is essentially what it means to make hash. In our instructions we suggest you use a little heat as well to help the kief bind together. Keep reading for a full set of instructions.

You can also use kief to make THC infused butter or oil for use in brownies, cookies, or any recipes that call for the use of butter or oil; like pop corn, toast, garlic “herb” butter for steak, and anything else you could imagine. Check the Food Network for more ideas, haha.

So, the best use kief. HASH!!! Based on the experiences of the Marijuana Myth Busters in Amsterdam and Christiania (an area of the city of Copenhagen, Denmark) we have concluded that the best use for kief would be pressing it into hash. Again, when you press kief and make it into a little ball or a little brick you are making hash, very pure and potent hash. Hash can be produced through many methods, put pressing kief produces some of the best tasting and most potent hash that you can find. The easiest way to do this would be to use a kief press, but there are other ways. You can simply take a small amount and roll it into a ball in between your palms, this method is very cheap but can be very sticky and messy. If you have about as much as is in the picture above that was sent in by one of our readers, you can use the following Marijuana Myth Busters approved method.

Step 1:

Take a piece of wax paper about 20 inches long.

Step 2:

Put your kief in the center, and fold it in half.

Step 3:

Get and iron, turn it on the lowest setting.

Step 4:

Put a tshirt or thin towel over the wax paper.

Step 5:

Apply pressure with the iron for about 30 seconds.

If you don’t have an iron you can do any combination of things to simply press all the kief together, but the method listed above is by far the best small scale method out there. If anyone has any questions, feel free to post them and we will address them as they come in.