A couple of weeks ago we were asked if it was possible to get high off of resin. And, we tried it for ourselves. We had a daily smoker quit for one week, than smoke a bowl full of resin. Our test subject stated that he felt just as high as he would from smoking a bowl, in the beginning possibly even more high eventually leveling off. After having him smoke every day for one week we performed the same test again on our human guinea pig. At which point he stated the effect seemed to last shorter than usual and was less intense than from marijuana itself.

This leads us to believe that resin does contain THC, and that it is possible to get high off of it. However, the THC content of resin may vary greatly depending on the type of marijuana you are smoking at what you are smoking it out of. You could have some dank resin or some with minimal THC content. Scientifically, it makes sense since because not all of the THC is activated and vaporized when marijuana is burned. After smoking a portion of the resin has not reached the appropriate vaporization and activation temperature for marijuana and remains unburned.

So, when the going gets tough and you run out of weed, or can’t find any. It would be possible to get high off of resin in bongs and bowls. However, in our opinion it tastes terrible, the high is okay, but realistically it is just not the real deal.

Hope this help cleared some things up for you guys. Remember to send us your myths. And, feel free to get at us with any questions or comments you may have.

Stay high.

Jah bless.