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  • One Trick Pony

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  • One Trick Pony
    #1 written by rick trapnation  7 years ago


  • One Trick Pony
    #2 written by Daniel  8 years ago

    Can I harvest my plants even though there are spidermites on some of the caps. I don’t want to ruin my harvest but I have to do something. Please help.

    • One Trick Pony
      #3 written by Mythbuster 8 years ago

      Spray with some water and detergent mixed at a ratio of 10 parts water to 1 part detergent. Then rinse off with only water. That should help.

  • One Trick Pony
    #4 written by steve 8 years ago

    Can a male plant have 7 leaves.

  • One Trick Pony
    #6 written by Shana  8 years ago

    Hi There!

    1} What would happen if I didn’t strain the weed out of cannabutter or oil? I have a friend who doesn’t strain it when he makes brownies. He says it’s ground fine and it’s just like having extra fiber in his brownies.

    2 }Is this dangerous to the human body’s digestive system if all seeds and stems are removed and the product is ground up fine?

    3} Does cooking the cannabutter or cannaoil strained or unstrained and then cooking or baking take away potency?



    • One Trick Pony
      #7 written by Mythbuster 8 years ago

      Leaving it unstrained is fine. It is not dangerous to the human body. Cooking can take away potency if the THC get’s too hot and starts to burn off.

  • One Trick Pony
    #8 written by Royh  9 years ago

    First. Question dose sticking the roost of my plant in to boiling water after i pull it up for harvest help its potency.
    = second question is there a all red plant. Or an almost yellow plant because I’ve seen some picture’s i was thinking photoshop but this day and age anything could be possible.

    thanks. Royh. Deep in the heart of Texas

    • One Trick Pony
      #9 written by Mythbuster  9 years ago


      Thanks for reaching out. The boiling water trick you mentioned is unlikely to increase the potency of your harvest, but there is one easy thing you can do that will certainly improve the quality. Always be sure to flush your plants several days before you’re ready to take them down.

      To do this, only feed them water for roughly 5 days; no fertilizer, no nutrients, no chemicals. After the plants have been dried and cured this will result in a much smoother, cleaner smoke. Believe us, you’ll notice the difference. But, if you’re really looking to maximize potency; start with good seeds. You’ll pay more for them, but feminized seeds are the way to go. No need to worry about raising a plant for months on end only to find out it’s a boy.

      In regards to an all yellow or all red plant, we’ve never seen one, but as you said, “anything could be possible”. IF you’re interested in yielding purple buds, check out this article we wrote awhile back.

      Happy Growing,


  • One Trick Pony
    #10 written by bluntman  11 years ago

    bluntman wants to know if you can make weed purple just by lowering the temperature during its finals stages of growth?

    • One Trick Pony
      #11 written by Anthony  10 years ago

      me too! send me pics of ur harvest and i could tell u some more info though

      • One Trick Pony
        #12 written by Mythbuster  10 years ago

        Say what?!?!


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